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Do foreigners have to find a Chinese partner to open a company in China

Foreigners can register their own companies without a Chinese partner.

Foreigners register foreign companies and self-employed individuals in China as legal person shareholders do not have to find Chinese partners. They can also register by themselves. In addition, it should be noted that foreigners find partners to register the company. This "cooperative" must be the company as the shareholder. Shareholders, not natural persons.

For example, a foreign friend, Jack, wants to find Xiao Ming to register a Shenzhen foreign company, so Xiao Ming can only write a domestic company in Shenzhen. This domestic company will be one of the shareholders.

If you want to register a company in Shanghai, the required conditions:

  1. Prepare to register a capital company
  2. There needs to be one legal person, one shareholder, and one surveillance (shareholders and legal persons need to have records of entering China within six months)

Steps to register a company:

  1. Fill in the registered company information form
  2. Address review and name verification
  3. Signature of business documents
  4. Signed and mailed business documents
  5. Engraved seal (official seal, legal person seal, financial seal, contract seal, invoice seal)
  6. Waiting for business license and official seal
  7. Bank account opening, online banking, tax approval, etc.