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How The Graphite Industry Develops Customers In The Chinese Market Through The Internet

Many industries have recently felt the impact of the epidemic, and performance pressure is very high. Today I was chatting online with a friend in the graphite industry and asked me how to open up the market online. I told him that if he were not the boss, even if he knew the method, it would not be useful because he would do a lot of little work in the early stage, and there were not many ordinary employees. Motivate to implement. And if you are not the boss, you may not realize the value of doing those things.

He said he was, and sent his business card and website to check it out. I opened the website and first got a general understanding of the company's products. There are several categories, like "graphite electrodes", "graphite wafers", and "graphite crucibles".

I simply read the website and told him that the company's website is too weak to bring customers.

The rationale for bringing customers to your website

I said that the principle of using the website to obtain customers is straightforward. You have to analyze the customers in your industry first. When you want to buy this product, how do you search on the Internet? For example, customers will search for "graphite electrodes" and "graphite wafers.", "Graphite crucible";

Then put more information about "graphite electrodes," "graphite wafers," and "graphite crucibles" on your website. The more complete the data and the better the quality, make Baidu think your website content is better than your peers, and then When customers search for these words, your website will be ranked in front of their peers, appearing on the first page and top three of the search results;

In this way, the customer will open your website and see that your website feels like a big company. The product content is what he needs. The customer will contact you and dial the phone number left on your website.

The process of using the website to acquire customers

The process is simple: You post product information-customers see product information-customers think your company and product are good-customers contact you.

Do keyword analysis before posting information

Most companies can understand these processes, but if you go deeper, there are a lot of details to pay attention to, for example, what your customers will search online when they are looking for products. This kind of analysis is called "keyword research" In general, you and your colleagues may analyze the words that a dozen customers may search. Still, if you do research professionally, you may explain the words that hundreds to tens of thousands of customers often seek. For example, there are hundreds of search methods for a single graphite electrode.

such as:
Graphite electrode
Graphite electrode price
Graphite electrode processing
Ultra-high power graphite electrode
Graphite electrode manufacturer
Graphite electrode material
Handan graphite electrode
Uses of graphite electrodes
Graphite electrode picture
Graphite electrode parameters
Graphite electrode price
Graphite electrode production
Graphite electrode manufacturers
Graphite electrode factory
Waste graphite electrode
Graphite electrode outlet
High power graphite electrode
Graphite electrode standard
Graphite electrode offer
Graphite electrode trend
Graphite electrode recycling
Graphite electrode rod
Graphite electrode price trend
Graphite electrode market
Graphite electrode latest price
Waste graphite electrode
Graphite electrode use
Recycled graphite electrode
Graphite electrode antioxidant
What is a graphite electrode
Graphite electrode
Graphite electrode production process
Electrolytic graphite electrode
Graphite electrode price chart
Graphite electrode listed company
Graphite electrode prices
Electric furnace graphite electrode
Graphite electrode output
Graphite electrode power
Graphite electrode production capacity
Graphite electrode latest market
Global graphite electrode
EAF graphite electrode
Domestic graphite electrode

Another example:
Graphite crucible
Graphite crucible manufacturer
Graphite Crucible Price
Graphite crucible
Graphite crucible manufacturer
SiC graphite crucible
Graphite crucible plant
Fused copper graphite crucible
Henan graphite crucible
Graphite Crucible Model
Fused Aluminum Graphite Crucible
Jiangsu graphite crucible
Electric furnace graphite crucible
Anhui graphite crucible
Price of graphite crucible
Clay graphite crucible
Supply graphite crucible
Graphite crucible supply
Shandong graphite crucible
Cracked graphite crucible
Graphite crucible sales
Use of graphite crucible
Graphite crucible furnace
Graphite crucible temperature
High-temperature graphite crucible
Copper Graphite Crucible
Morgan graphite crucible
Tianfu graphite crucible
Graphite crucible offer
Graphite Crucible Applications
Aluminized graphite crucible
Graphite clay crucible
Standard graphite crucible
Foshan graphite crucible
Graphite crucible recycling
Graphite crucible ingredients
Graphite silicon carbide crucible
Graphite crucible process
Graphite Crucible Size
Coke furnace graphite crucible
Graphite crucible manufacturing
High-purity graphite crucible
Tianjin graphite crucible
Graphite crucible life
Graphite crucible cleaning
Graphite crucible steelmaking
Graphite crucible oxidation
Qingdao graphite crucible
Gansu graphite crucible

These are the words that customers in your industry like to search online when looking for products. If you can make your website appear at the top when customers search for these words, then you have defeated 80% of your peers.

Long-tail keywords

The words that these customers like to search are called "long-tail keywords." You can dig deeper and find out all the "long-tail keywords" in your industry. If you search for these words online, your Websites appear at the forefront. You have monopolized most of the industry's customers on the Internet, at least at the level of the network platform.

Conversion rate

The next thing you need to do is how to make customers who visit your website willing to stay and contact you for the consulting business. For example, if 100 people see your website, and ten people contact you for a consulting firm, your website traffic conversion rate is 10 to 1. The higher the conversion rate, the better your website will perform, so make every effort to increase your conversion rate.

There are a lot of details to do here. You need to make your website look like a large company and a trustworthy company. The website interface must be atmospheric. The company introduction must be persuasive. List the cases that have been sold in the past to convince customers that you did not make a mistake, although at this time, he only just saw your company's website.

Once he thinks your company and product are good, and he has the idea of contacting you, he will find your contact information on the website. A good website must make it easy for customers to contact you. Professional websites generally have four channels for customers to reach, the first is online customer service, the second is a phone, the third is a message system, and the fourth is a corporate mailbox.

Website statistics analysis

If you have done an excellent job in the previous work, then you can wait for customers to find you through the Internet every day and contact you to inquire about business. In the middle of this process, you'd better add a feature to your website to count how many customers come to your website, what products you watch, from which platform, what words to search to find you, from which region, etc... Pay more attention to these data and know how many people have seen your website every day.

If you find that no one has seen your website at all, you need to check it out. When someone searches online for those keywords, can your website be found, such as searching for "graphite crucible manufacturer" on Baidu, and whether your website can be found on the first page of search results? If you can't find it, you must find ways to improve the quality of your pages and make it rank higher.

The same for foreign trade websites

If you want to make international trade, move this set of models to an English website, and change Baidu and Sogou to Google and Bing. The principle is the same. If you want to develop the Russian market, just make a Russian website and change Baidu to a search platform like Yandex. The principle is the same. The same can be extended to Spanish, Arabic, Vietnamese, and so on.

According to this idea, to do an excellent job on the website, under normal circumstances, it is normal for 5-10 customers to contact you every day.

I said, I talked so much, I don't know if you can understand it, go back and digest it.

He expressed his gratitude, and I also recorded these in hand, hoping to inspire others a little.

At the same time, give yourself a task. When you are not busy, take a moment to study the graphite industry, and write an Internet marketing plan for the graphite industry.

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