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The underlying logic of doing tiktok short video

In the past two years, we have seen many cases of doing tiktok successful money, but also experienced countless people tell you to do tiktok short video.

Some people are envious and anxious, some people are ignorant to do short video.

Everyone tells you tiktok have traffic, there is a gold mine, but in the end why do tiktok short video, less people to you to say understand.

So today the village chief will talk to you in detail, I do tiktok short video of the underlying logic understanding, I hope to inspire you.

01 free traffic is approximately equal to accurate traffic

The most important thing in doing business is traffic, traditional channels, traffic are not free.

Either spend money to rent a stall in a crowded place, or put ads online.

So traditional traffic is not good and friendly for grassroots users, while tiktok, Ins short video gives grassroots users more fair opportunities.

As long as you post short videos, you have the most basic traffic recommendation in principle, which makes you stand on the same starting line with others.

The most important point is that its free traffic is approximately equal to the precise traffic.

For example, the system will base on your content, cover, title, tags, positioning, user relationship and a series of other dimensions, and then help recommend your content to people who are similarly interested.

And then through their watching, commenting, retweeting, following and other behaviors, recommend to their friends and fans.

So you can not only get basic traffic exposure by shooting videos, but also help you find your precise potential customers automatically through the system.

For ordinary users, it may be difficult to shoot one with 100,000 or 1 million plays, but there is still a great chance to shoot one with 3,000 or 5,000 plays.

So imagine, you shoot 100 short videos with 10,000 plays, what will be the effect?

At least better than you do not shoot anything.

02 Content is sales

When we shop offline, we mostly see the store ads first, then go in and look at the menu, and then finish consumption, that is, we know exactly what the product looks like when we consume it.

And when we shop in Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, is that we first search, browse the goods, and then enter the details page, to be able to understand the effectiveness of the product, parameters and other information.

In this process, the direct impact on the user's consumption decision is not people, but static pictures, text, the value of people is only the mechanical customer service to answer questions.

But let's think about the short video, every piece of content you see is essentially a product advertisement.

Bosses, experts and experts move from behind the scenes to the front of the stage and start to provide services for customers proactively, acting as both models and sales guides.

This makes the product content watchable and improves the efficiency of product sales.

03 Sales scenario

In the past, when we went to buy products, it was the users themselves who thought of what they needed, or their friends recommended them before they went to look for products.

This has led to many products want to be sold more difficult, because the user does not know why they need it.

In addition to some brands advertising on television and other channels, most offline online stores merchants belong to the state of waiting for customers to pass by, waiting for customers to search.

The shooting of short videos, in fact, is helping users to build consumption scenarios and stimulate new consumption.

For example, when fruits are on the market, you will brush up on various products such as oranges, apples and tangerines, and each video will tell you different practices and ways to play.

Then, for example, when selling women's clothing, the model appears in the street, subway entrance, office, coffee shop, etc. wearing a nice trench coat, the purpose is also to help users in building scenarios for product use.

04 Stimulate the desire to buy

Compared with cold text, video presentation has four obvious benefits.

One of them is the richness and vividness of product information display.

Secondly, the effect of display and use is more intuitive, such as the effect of a model wearing a dress, or the before and after comparison of a lipstick from unboxing to application.

Thirdly, with human demonstration, guidance and emotional guidance, the sales effect of a beautiful blogger taking a video recommending you to buy an appliance and a poster with a few words of strong recommendation is completely different.

Especially when you see others trying out, trying on, trying out the process, the inner desire to possess is much stronger.

The fourth increases the user's understanding of the origin of the product, technology, honor, design concept, etc., strengthening the user's trust in the individual, the brand, and easier to pay for the order.

05 Unlimited details page

Selling products offline, in addition to sending a few flyers, is the naked product, users need to envision themselves to use a variety of scenarios and methods.

In the online mall, what users see is a long diagram that is planned in advance.

However, this kind of long diagram does not introduce the product information and usage scenarios clearly, not to mention the possibility of batch testing multiple materials.

And through the sharing of short videos, we can test our ideas to our heart's content.

A product has 100 points of interest, we can shoot 100 different videos to see which one has a good exposure.

A product has 100 ways to match, we can also shoot 100 kinds of tutorials for using it.

So every short video has the potential to help us reach the customers we want to find, because it is flexible and direct enough.

06 Quickly build marketing matrix

Because each video and each account has its own traffic, so we can make full use of this when we do marketing in tiktok.

1、Build a brand account matrix

Each product line of a brand can make an account, and a brand can also create multiple accounts, which can be linked with dealers, branches, etc.

2、Build employee account matrix

Before is to encourage employees to send friends, now can encourage employees to send tiktok.

Imagine the sales of one or two thousand people in a large company if they send short videos at the same time for a month, what sales effect will it bring?

3、Build vegetarian promotion matrix

You can encourage every customer to store, participate in activities, after receiving the goods to help you send a short video.

4、Build the live-streaming with goods matrix

Each employee, each store, each live broadcast can be synchronized with multiple accounts to do sales.

These flows are every ordinary individual can go to seize the opportunity.

This is why many account fans are only 30,000 to 50,000, less than 100 people watch each live broadcast, but every month can sell hundreds of thousands or even millions of reasons.

To really do a good job of short video, good live with goods, we must first think about its underlying logic is what?

If you just look at it as an official microblogging, then its value is completely ignored.

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