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Why are flight attendants in China more beautiful than those in America

I feel that Chinese flight attendants are more beautiful than foreign flight attendants. Can it be explained by the laws of the market?

Closed environment, unpalatable food, tedious and lengthy waiting, international flights are simply a place for thinking.

As a man is studying economics, I have thought about this problem many times as a pastime on a journey.

The flight attendants of China Airlines are indeed younger and more beautiful than their counterparts in the United States and Canada. This is caused by many reasons.

In fact, the beautiful tradition of flight attendants originated in the United States.

Before 1978, all airlines and ticket prices in the United States were uniformly regulated by the Civil Space Administration, making it impossible for airlines to attract customers with low prices.

However, free competition in the market will not stop. Since airlines cannot reduce prices, they can only compete for the market by improving the service quality.

Beautiful flight attendants are part of high-quality service. When the prices and routes are the same, customers are, of course, willing to choose airlines with beautiful flight attendants. After all, most of the flight attendants in that era were male businesspeople.

At that time, many airline companies could even stipulate that flight attendants must be unmarried and weigh less than 125 pounds. After the aviation market is fully market-oriented, airlines can reduce prices to compete, and it becomes unnecessary to pay more for hiring beautiful girls.

At the same time, the U.S. aviation industry started early and has a history of one hundred years.

Due to improved labor laws and anti-discrimination laws, airlines can no longer expel flight attendants just because they are older. This also makes the average age of the flight attendants group rise.

According to the Department of Labor Statistics, flight attendants over 55 years old accounted for 21.4% of the United States. In contrast, flight attendants under 25 accounted for only 20%.

In contrast to China, the development of the aviation industry has only been in the past 20 years, and China has not had a flight attendant for so many years. The rapid growth of the sector also makes qualified flight attendants no longer need to work on the front line and have the opportunity to be promoted to digest them.

At the same time, the general beauty of flight attendants in Asia and the Middle East is also due to the imperfect anti-discrimination laws.

The BBC only recently reported that Air India fired a group of flight attendants because they were overweight. Such elimination of personnel is almost impossible in the United States.

Another important reason is that other industries in developed countries are more advanced. For example, suppose you want to rely on your face to eat. In that case, there are many different jobs available in the United States, making it more expensive for airlines to hire beautiful women.

In China, beauty as a resource is relatively cheap, and a decent job is attractive enough. Only when beauty and wisdom are combined can there be advantages. To sum up, China’s young aviation industry, imperfect anti-discrimination regulations, and cheap beauty resources are the reasons why Chinese flight attendants are more youthful and more beautiful.