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How to find a local freight forwarding partner in China

Foreign freight forwarding companies want to find local freight forwarding partners in China; where should they find them?

  1. First of all, it is necessary to clarify a concept. China is a prominent place. They need to find local freight forwarders in China. It should be clear that they are looking for freight forwarding companies in China, such as Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai, etc. The determination of this area can be confirmed from the source of their goods. This is very accurate.
  2. After determining the area, it is effortless to handle. For example, suppose you are looking for a freight forwarder in Shenzhen. In that case, a simple method is opening the QQ group and searching for the freight forwarder in Shenzhen. The QQ group is the fastest way to gather freight forwarders in the same industry. It is also a quick way to screen powerful freight forwarders. After entering the group, send an inquiry, and many people will naturally come to add you.
  3. Then select suitable agents from the people in Calais.
  4. Similar to other regions in China!
  5. Skills required by foreign agents: able to speak Chinese.

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