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If a foreign brand wants to enter China, who will they look for, and how will they operate

What are the ways for foreign brands to enter the country? Is there an operating company that specializes in this kind of work? If so, which ones do better?

There are generally two modes for foreign brands entering the country, general trade and cross-border e-commerce.

In the current situation, general trade is challenging; time, cost, qualifications, etc., are relatively complicated. Therefore, you can choose the cross-border e-commerce model. In addition, various local bonded areas in the country are also vigorously supporting cross-border e-commerce.

Of course, foreign brands are still facing a series of problems when entering the country. For example, intellectual property issues, including registered brand trademarks, copyrights, licensing of famous IPs, etc.

Then there are some issues of market positioning, marketing strategy, and price strategy. But, again, these are things that can only be solved by a trained, localized team and resources.

Furthermore, as a new brand, brand promotion and marketing planning are also very important.

Especially for foreign consumer brands, the first step in entering the country should be the positioning and promoting the brand, which mainly includes the rise of new media such as Baidu, Douyin, and Zhihu.

Then came the construction of mainstream domestic e-commerce platforms and offline channels.

At present, many foreign brands will choose Baidu and Douyin as essential marketing methods to obtain brand exposure and sales conversion, and they will be launched simultaneously on platforms such as Tmall and

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