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What is the most reliable online platform for marketing and promotion in China

This question is complicated to answer. It is too broad; at least you have to know what industry you are in.

In the Internet age, there are many platforms for online promotion. It mainly depends on what you want to promote, whether your customer base is bend or c-end, are you a traditional manufacturing industry or an emerging industry, and what do you want to get through promotion? Is it a product promotion, or is it simply to win customers?

Then, based on your own understanding, let’s briefly talk about some of the features of the current mainstream platforms. Let’s talk together and have a look:

1. Toutiao (Douyin, Search, Watermelon, etc.) information flow platform

The information flow is to receive information passively and obtain potential customer groups. It is suitable for industries with a broader audience. The frequency of demand is many times, that is, high-frequency consumer products and new and fresh products. Those who face the market for the first time are less competitive, such as sweeping the floor. Robots, etc., in addition to game application products;

2. Search engine sem (Baidu, 360, UC, Google, etc.)

Bidding search advertising means that users actively search for a clear target. They have done bidding promotion in Party B’s company for more than 2 years and have been exposed to many industries. In summary, bidding advertising is suitable for enterprises with relatively high customer unit prices, which is a good profit (ROI) comparison. For high industries, such as an office brand leasing that I have operated, another is suitable for a nationwide business with a wide range of regions. There is also an industry with relatively low competition. You can look at the degree of competition for keywords;

3. Little Red Book

Suitable for to C companies, mainly female customers, cosmetics, skincare beauty, etc.;

4. Zhihu

It is suitable for brand promotion, sharing some dry goods knowledge, shaping the brand, expanding brand influence, and enhancing brand awareness;

5. Bilibili

Bilibili is a platform that young people like very much, primarily post-00s. Therefore, station b is suitable for product advertisements targeting young people, such as games, APP applications, training, e-commerce, etc.